Coworking, offices & a startup community.

We believe you need a community to grow your business.

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a suitable working environment for your business? Would you also like to be in contact with fellow entrepreneurs and is flexibility very important? We would like to invite you to visit one of our locations! At StartDock, you deal with flexible contracts and can easily scale up and down with your workplace. StartDock tries to offset the CO2 generated by the premises, which means you not only contribute to your business growth, but also to a cleaner planet. We also have an active entrepreneurial community for each location. We believe your business will grow with us!

StartDock offers workspaces, meeting rooms and a community ready to serve you.


The strength of our community is our biggest asset. We support each other, over a cup of coffee or a beer, as fellow entrepreneurs or as friends. 

Work places

Our workspaces differ from a lively realm to more isolated territory. Choose the surrounding that suits your work style best.

Meeting Rooms

Start important meetings with an advantage. Not a lot of meeting rooms have that quality. All ours have. 

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