Where can I find more information about the startup visa and residence permit?

The RVO provides the final assessment for startups to obtain their visa from the IND. Please check the RVO andIND website for more information about the startup visa and residence permit.

What does it take to get accepted into the StartDock Startup Visa Program?

Fill in the application form and don't forget to check the requirements before filling in the form.

In what phase should my startup be?

Preferably in the (pre)seed phase.

Ideally, you have a functioning prototype, minimum viable product (MVP) or conducted pre-sales.

How much money should I have?

We ask you to prove that you can provide at least €24,000, either on your personal bank account or on the company account. This is to cover the required amount for the IND as well as the €500 monthly payments for the programme.

Do I have to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce before I come to The Netherlands?

No, you need to sign a declaration stating that you intend to register within six weeks after your arrival in the Netherlands. If you do not register within 6 weeks, your visa can be withdrawn.

Is it possible to get a discount on the fee?

It is not possible to receive a discount with the Startup Visa Facilitator Programme.

What is the next step in the process when my step-by-step plan is approved after the feedback rounds?

After comprehensive feedback on your step-by-step plan and modification, you are ready for the next step. Your will submit your application at the IND (via the relevant Dutch embassy or by sending them directly). a positive recommendation from de RvO is neccesary in order for the IND to make a final decision within a period of 90 days. When your application is granted you will be part of our StartDock Startup Visa Program and your journey will start! If you would like to apply for a Start up Visa with StartDock as a facilitator, then apply through the form.

What are the crucial aspects to focus on when developing a business plan for a startup in the Netherlands?

A step-by-step business plan includes:

  • a description of why your product or service is innovative, a description of which activities you as a starting entrepreneur will take in the first year to grow your business in the Netherlands
  • the structure of the organization when applicable
  • assigned roles and tasks (especially your role as an entrepreneur within the company) when applicable
  • the legal form of the company
  • division of shares
  • make sure to always draw conclusions!

We advise you to emphasis your potential strengths:

  • Level of innovativeness
  • Market traction gathered in the Dutch economy (sales, launching customers, partnerships, Letters of intent)
  • A validated value proposition and business model
  • Sufficient financial means
  • Market research (surveys, testimonials, partnerships etc.) and an analysis of the competition

Where can I find the conditions for obtaining a startup visa and residence permit in the Netherlands?

When you want to apply for a startup visa and therefore a residence permit in the Netherlands, there are several conditions that apply. An overview of the tartup visa conditions can be found here, while the general conditions can be found here. There are also conditions that apply to you as well as to StartDock your facilitator. Please make sure to read through the conditions listed on the officials pages at the governmental bodies of the IND and the RvO before applying. See point above.