StartDock Startup Visa Program

Do you have an innovative idea for a new startup and are you looking for a country to make your dream come true? We have your back! Our StartDock Startup Visa Program offers you the opportunity to set up and grow your business in the Netherlands and within our own StartDock community. The Dutch government issues one-year residence permit for foreign startups, under the condition of collaboration with an experienced Startup Facilitator. We love to help you by guiding you through the visa application process, offering support and coaching while developing your startup, providing insights into the local market, connecting you with our extensive network, and offering flexible office spaces that promote innovation and collaboration. With the Startup Visa, you have one year to grow/expand your innovative company in the Netherlands. Submit your pitch deck and apply to our program now.

What we offer

Our mission is simple: we’re here to help you bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. Our StartDock Startup Visa Program includes support during the startup visa application process, gives support by a tailor-made program allows you access to our active startup community. We are confident that your business will flourish within the StartDock environment! You will also make use of our inspiring workspaces. After nine months of hard work, the Pitch4Capital opportunity allows you to showcase your startup to a wider audience of investors and experts. At the 11-month mark, a final assessment determines your readiness for a Self-employed Person Residence Permit, a significant milestone.

We offer more than a program; it’s a transformative journey. We’re with you every step of the way, committed to help you turn your entrepreneurial vision into a resounding success story.

The Requirements

To join our StartDock Startup Visa Program your startup needs to meet these key factors:

  • The product/service or the process is innovative.
  • it benefits the Dutch economy. 
  • it is a full-time endeavor 
  • The business concept is scalable and reproducible, preferably with a tech-component

StartDock therefore needs a pitch deck with information about the startup idea, team, ambition, business model, financials, and stage of development.


We ask for a registration fee of €500 excluding VAT* per applicant to become your personal Startup Facilitator. This amount should be paid when we sign the facilitation agreement together. With this fee, we cover the administrative costs in the application process. It’s an investment in your growing dream, and we are here to support you! Once the first personal Startup Visa is granted, we’ll proceed with 12 monthly payments of €500 excluding VAT* to keep your Startup on track. The exciting part is that you also get a flexible workspace and domiciliation. If more team members want to join, you can count on a special rate of €250 excluding VAT* per person, also including domiciliation, and of course, that fantastic flexible workspace. And if your startup grows in the coming year and you need your own office space, we’re here for you, with costs depending on the type of office. Let’s embark on this startup adventure together and make it unforgettable.


We start with an introduction meeting (online). When you will choose Startdock as a facilitator, the facilitation contract will be signed for, and by each applicant. Next there will be Feedback interview(s) (1-3) (online), after which you will be ready to apply for the Start Up Visa. When granted the Startup Visa by the Dutch governmental bodies (RVO/IND), go and pick up your visa and start in the StartDock Startup Visa Program!


Curious to learn more about the Startdock Startup Visa Program? Feel free to get in touch with our Growth Facilitator Wiegertje Groenveld!


T: +31655186935

Wiegertje Groenveld

Growth Facilitator

    Do you meet the requirements to join the program.*

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    Are you ready to take the next step?


    Visit Welcome to NL for more information!

    No, you need to sign a declaration stating that you intend to register within six weeks after your arrival in the Netherlands. If you do not register within 6 weeks, your visa can be withdrawn.

    We ask you to prove that you can provide at least €24,000, either on your personal bank account or on the company account. This is to cover the required amount for the IND as well as the €500 monthly payments for the programme.

    Preferably in the (pre)seed phase.

    Ideally, you have a functioning prototype, minimum viable product (MVP) or conducted pre-sales.

    It is not possible to receive a discount with the Startup Visa Facilitator Programme.

    A step-by-step business plan includes:

    • a description of why your product or service is innovative, a description of which activities you as a starting entrepreneur will take in the first year to grow your business in the Netherlands
    • the structure of the organization when applicable
    • assigned roles and tasks (especially your role as an entrepreneur within the company) when applicable
    • the legal form of the company
    • division of shares
    • make sure to always draw conclusions!

    We advise you to emphasis your potential strengths:

    • Level of innovativeness
    • Market traction gathered in the Dutch economy (sales, launching customers, partnerships, Letters of intent)
    • A validated value proposition and business model
    • Sufficient financial means
    • Market research (surveys, testimonials, partnerships etc.) and an analysis of the competition

    Fill in the application form and don’t forget to check the requirements before filling in the form.

    After comprehensive feedback on your step-by-step plan and modification, you are ready for the next step. Your will submit your application at the IND (via the relevant Dutch embassy or by sending them directly). a positive recommendation from de RvO is neccesary in order for the IND to make a final decision within a period of 90 days. When your application is granted you will be part of our StartDock Startup Visa Program and your journey will start! If you would like to apply for a Start up Visa with StartDock as a facilitator, then apply through the form.

    The RVO provides the final assessment for startups to obtain their visa from the IND. Please check the RVO andIND website for more information about the startup visa and residence permit.

    When you want to apply for a startup visa and therefore a residence permit in the Netherlands, there are several conditions that apply. An overview of the tartup visa conditions can be found here, while the general conditions can be found here. There are also conditions that apply to you as well as to StartDock your facilitator. Please make sure to read through the conditions listed on the officials pages at the governmental bodies of the IND and the RvO before applying. See point above.