Workshop: Technical website optimization for non-developers

What: Workshop about Technical website optimization for non-developers
Who: Karens Grigorjancs
When: 24-11-2020, 16:30
Where: Online, via Zoom

Wondering why your website is either slow or not findable on Google? Or why are some pages not converting and what to do about it? In this session you will learn how to identify, measure and address technical issues to set a solid foundation for your website to function properly. Website optimization is a broad field and the amount of opportunities can be overwhelming. However, with the right free tools, you can either tackle these problems yourself or successfully manage the development team to get it fixed.

About Karens
Karens has over 10 years of experience in IT and development. In the past, he has studied Computer Science at TU Delft, worked for TamTam (currently Dept) and co-founded Plugify as CTO. Currently, he is a Technical director and a co-founder of Your Next Agency where we build digital solutions such as websites, mobile applications, webshops and custom software.




24 Nov. – 24 Nov.

16:30 – 17:30


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