Master your habits: Discover the strategies you need to improve your life.

What: Workshop about Habit Change
Who: Rob Swagten from Worthy Tweaks
When: 28-01-2021, 16:30
Where: Online, via Zoom

How is it going with your New Year’s resolutions? Research has shown that 92% of the people have quit on their New Year’s goals before the end of January. For sure, habit change can be a pain in the $XSS, but there are a lot of things you can do to make it easier for yourself. In this interactive masterclass, Rob (Founder of Worthy Tweaks) will share some refreshing approaches and strategies that can help you to build and maintain the habits that get you where you want to go. Besides receiving the strategies you need, you’ll leave the session by having made some solid commitments to make 2021 a phenomenal year! Are you ready?




28 Jan. – 28 Jan.

16:30 – 17:30


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