Networking with confidence & compassion as a superpower

Join us for two interesting talks by Kasia Peleszuk and Marcel Wijermars.

The doors will open at 5pm.

Kasia is first to talk to you, about:

Why self-compassion is your superpower

As softly and fluffy self-compassion might sound to you, don’t get mistaken – it carries an enormous power. Some even say it’s one of the strongest declarations of courage known to humanity. Yet it’s often surprisingly quite challenging to reach.

Let’s explore together what self-compassion really is and what are the common misconceptions around it. How to master it to create a ground for sustainable motivation and better, healthier and more meaningful life and relationships.

We’ll cover:

  • Mindfulness first aid tips & tricks
  • The hidden trap of focusing on self-esteem
  • Abundance laying in the power of self-compassion and how to reach it

After Kasia’s talk Marcel will talk about:

The Introvert Way to create a Life of Abundance 

How to make new connections?

As an introverted entrepreneur and digital nomad, I spent years figuring out how to make meaningful new connections by learning all about social skills, conversations and networking.

With “The Introvert Way to create a Life of Abundance”, I’m sharing how you can improve your social skills, take your conversations beyond small talk, and take your networking strategy to the next level.

We’ll cover:

  • A proven process to make valuable new connections. Successfully used by both introverts and extroverts.
  • What “introvert” actually means, and how being an introvert changes your networking strategy.
  • 3 powerful methods to make your conversations more engaging, rewarding and fun, beyond small talk.

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