Gives and Needs

Our monthly networking event!

Get to know the other Dockers to make easier connections on work level. Every Docker has their talents and things they could use help with. During our Gives & Needs session you will get the opportunity to listen to what the other Dockers can offer or could use. Interested in joining this networking event? Sign up now!

Review from Shorombo from High Performance Life Coach, who attended the Gives & Needs in January:
“Last week , I attended Gives and Needs, an event I have been wanting to attend for a long time. One of the reasons why I have joined a co-working place is because I want to connect with other entrepreuners. Gives and Needs is a very structured way of doing so and will allow you to meet other entrepreneurs and learn how you can help one another. I really recommend it!”



22 Feb. – 22 Feb.

9:30 – 10:30

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