Emotional intelligence for rational thinkers #2

Did you miss the previous workshop? This is your chance to join Vincent

Labeling your emotions to perform better.
Hosted by Vincent Siderius, sportpsychologist

Emotions don’t exist to bully you. You experience them for a reason. Every emotion has a meaning and a function, but we are almost never cognizant of them.
Emotions are data.
Emotions are information.

But without the proper skill, they will remain noise.
In situations that are difficult, the first victim is our emotion. We hide them far away, so nobody can see them, like a dirty secret. But with that, we close our eyes and ears for the crucial information the emotion tries to convey to us.

In this workshop I will show you:
  The two ways we hide our emotions.
  The consequence of keeping your emotions hidden.
  How emotions are crucial in performance.

 In this workshop you will learn:
  To give meaning to 1 or 2 of your annoying/difficult emotions (and consequently they will become more friendly to you).
  What the function is of those emotions (and others).
  How you can use them to your advantage.

I don’t believe in emotional versus rational. You are both, always. In this workshop we are going to put some cognition in emotions, so you can feel more accurately next time.

I promise: no Ouija boards, no holding hands, no chanting. Just some clarity for your emotional (work) life.




13 Mrt. – 13 Mrt.

16:00 – 17:30


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