Caring For Your Spine with Posture

Caring For Your Spine with Posture
Back, neck, and shoulder pain are on the rise, as are burnout and other stress related problems.  Most of us recognize that sitting all day slouched at the computer plays a role.  But what to do about it?  Many of us try to “pull ourselves up straight” but try as we might, we can’t maintain it.  In this workshop I’ll introduce people to the wonderful art and science of posture – why is posture important and how to ease into a comfortable posture while at work. We’ll also explore the idea that caring for your spine throughout the day can not only release tension and help with chronic pain, but also help to change the quality of your attention.
About Patrick Johnson PhD
Patrick teaches posture, movement, and wellness to people of all ages and backgrounds at Smartbody studio, just around the corner from Startdock. He is a certified Alexander technique practitioner and also teaches dance and running technique. He still spends many hours each day at the computer running his business and remains constantly curious about the problem of computer work and wellbeing.  You can find out more about Patrick here:



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