Breakfast Booster: Entrepreneurs and the Coronacrisis

What: Breakfast Booster about Entrepreneurs and the Coronacrisis
Who: Docker Laurent Staartjes from Vox Civitatis
When: Friday October 30, 09:30
Where: Online, via Zoom

The coronacrisis has a huge impact on all of us. On social media there is a lot of debate about the right or wrong strategy. Rutte, De Jonge and the “outbreak management team” are the most well known actors in this crisis. But did you know that it is not Mark Rutte who is the most important minister? And that a lot of the measurements proposed by the “Outbreak Management Team” are not implemented because it is not legal?

The coronacrisis is one of the most debated political topics in recent history. Because of the complex legal system the Dutch use it is also one of the most misunderstood topics in recent history. For entrepeneurs and professionals it is a very confusing and a very stressfull time. To make the Dutch legal measurements (and supporting aid) more understandable, I will give a quick update about the legislative aspects of the Coronacrisis in The Netherlands. It will cover the following questions (and much more:)

  • Who is (really) in charge of the crisis?
  • Why is there so much discussion about the “coronawet”?
  • Is it possible that there will be different measures in Arnhem then in Amsterdam?

About Laurent:
Laurent Staartjes is a freelance policy researcher and active in local politics. He strives to make (local) government policy and legislation more manageable for entrepreneurs, professionals and public officals.

Visit him on: or on




30 Okt. – 30 Okt.

09:30 – 10:15


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