At StartDock, worklife is better. We want start-ups to naturally grow fast, and stimulate this growth by facilitating the optimal ecosystem to live in, as an entrepreneur. You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone. On this page we gathered our workspace options; we offer the right office space or desk for every entrepreneur that wants to grow.


Complete flexibility
€15,- P/D
  • - Shared office space
  • - Shared desk
  • - Free Coffee, tea and Wifi
  • - Access between 09:00 and 17:00


If you're just getting started
€229,- P/M
  • Everything from Flexible plus:
  • - Own medium desk
  • - 24/7 access
  • - KvK registration: €25,- per month
  • - Meeting Rooms: €50,- per month
  • - Printer: pay per print
  • - Locker: €29 per month

Office Space

When you just want more
> €350,- P/M
  • Everything from Growth plus:
  • - A private room


Top Notch Location

Herengracht 420, Amsterdam
Located at one of the most famous canals in the heart of Europe’s start-up capital: Amsterdam. StartDock is easy to reach by public transport or by bike.

Plug and Play

Free coffee and tea
Open your laptop and run the business yóu are good at. We are good at facilitating great coffee and your perfect workspace.

Open 24/7

Enter and leave StartDock 24/7 with your own key
In the weekend, at night, whatever you want. You are always welcome, your workspace is available 24/7.


Events for everyone
Enjoy and participate in events about every aspect of entrepreneurship or organise an event yourself.  

High Speed Internet

99,99% uptime
Internet is the most important aspect for start-up entrepreneurs. Use our high speed internet, with back-up line -just to be sure-!

Warm Community

Feels like Family
Become part of our warm community and take advantage of working together with other community members. 

What our Dockers think

Quick tour at StartDock?

Interested in what coworking in StartDock looks like, or what desk might suit you best? Have a quick tour with our community manager through the office spaces and see the advantages!