Must see: our first lecture is online!

Since the Corona pandemic got spread around the world, physical events are no longer an option. Therefore, StartDock recently decided to start with online events. Cause a virus doesn’t stop us from keeping in touch with each other …

One of the first events StartDock organized, was a webinar hosted by Silja Thor (start-up coach). During this webinar Silja told us everything about ‘how to survive a crisis as a start-up’. The Icelandic Silja had six start-ups herself, of which one during the recession of 2008. During this recession her scale-up collapsed and she had to liquidate her business. Silja gained a lot of knowledge out of this experience and wanted to share this with us. During this lecture she mainly elaborated on how you can minimize the impact of such a crisis as much as possible. In addition, she told us how you can benefit from these kind of situations and even let your business grow!

We decided to post this lecture online, to make sure more entrepreneurs could benefit from her knowledge.

Got curious? Take a moment, drink a good cup of coffee and watch this lecture!