Pitch4Capital is an event that accelerates communication, interaction and leads for start-ups. Because 'Capital' consists not only financially but also for network, knowledge and experience. During the event, various start-ups will pitch their ideas to a group of investors and experts. Afterwards, there is plenty of talk and possible collaborations are heralded. Pitch4Capital takes place once a quarter in a hybrid form. This means that you can participate offline, on location, and online.

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How Pitch 4 Capital came to be.

Pitch4Capital was started by our growth facilitator: Wiegertje. She is a brainstormer at GGP Consultancy and connects ideas with people and companies. Wiegertje helps you to find the crumb path when you can no longer see the forest for the trees. With Pitch4Capital he wants to create a community that consciously helps each other further. Instead of one-way traffic, we end up with a win-win situation.

Wiegertje Groenveld

Growth Facilitator


Erwin Berkouwer, co-founder StapStep B.V.

“Through P4C we have been able to learn a lot from various experienced entrepreneurs who have pointed out the holes in the road for us. We still benefit from this every day.”

Maarten Buijsman, co-founder Turtle

“Thanks to the opportunity to pitch for P4C, we came into contact with an investor who helped us realize Turtle, through financial support and a strong, transparent relationship.”

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