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Do you want to be available on a local number even when you are not in the country or not able to answer your phone?

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Do you also encounter the following challenges?

Let’s say that you have a foreign or private number that you don’t want to use for your company in the Netherlands. Or that you feel like you don’t look professional using your mobile phone number. Maybe even that you are often not immediately available because you’re in meetings or you want to focus on getting your work done. What you actually want to do for that is to hire someone full-time that can answer your phone only you don’t have the financial capacity to do so. Does that sound familiar to you?

We can solve this for you!

There are two options to solve these challenges for you. We offer a phone answering service and a phone forwarding service.

Phone forwarding service

  • With our partner Rinkel, you get a good discount on a local phone number that allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world. From as little as €7.49 you already have a phone number including unlimited calls!

Phone answering service

  • We give you a local phone number and answer your calls so you do not miss potential clients;
  • We are always available during office hours;
  • Professional appearance. We provide a “tone of voice” that fits your company;
  • An intake to get to know you, your company and how you work;
  • High quality through a customized service;
  • Flexibility, you can determine when you’re available. If you aren’t available, we are;
  • We will give you a conversation report after every call.

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