Docker Internships.

With Docker Internships you let us find your new intern. We know how difficult it can be, as a start-up company, to find an intern, because where do you start? We are happy to take this process off your hands and focus on finding the right person for your company.

Here's how it works.

You sign up for Docker Internships. Then you fill in a form provided by us so that we know exactly what you are looking for. We recruit the interns on different platforms, both paid and free. As soon as there is a candidate, we will make the first contact with them. When we believe that this candidate is suitable for you, we will contact you. It is up to you to decide whether to hire the candidate.

We realize that it goes beyond just hiring, which is why we are happy to help you find your intern. Hiring an intern requires attention so that you and the intern can get the best out of this opportunity.

The cost for a Docker Internship is standard at €395 excluding VAT, in case of a successful match, there will be a success fee of €1,695 excluding VAT.

Anouschka de Waal

Management & Event assistant