At StartDock, worklife is better. We create the perfect environment for and with start-up entrepreneurs, by building bridges amongst Dockers and companies outside StartDock. We are open to host your events or meetings, or you can register your virtual office on our prime location! Scroll down and click through, to see the possibilities.


Meeting Rooms

StartDock has two unique Meeting Rooms in the city centre of Amsterdam. Both Meeting spaces have an authentic appearance, as typical Dutch mansion rooms. Are you looking for a beautiful and inspiring location for your meeting or event, in the city centre of Amsterdam? We would love to welcome you in our Marco Polo Room, or Neil Armstrong Room!

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Virtual Office

Nowadays people tend to do some research before they do business with an unknown party. Having your business address on your home address, does not have the professional appearance that your company should have. Do you want to give your business a more professional look, with a registration on a professional postal address? Get your virtual office at StartDock!

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