Why think about pension

There will be a moment that you have to think about pension. Either for yourself as entrepreneur or for your employees. It’s quite obvious that pensions are important. Because no one wants, after years of hard work, to live from the state pension (AOW) only. Indeed did a research about employment conditions, and pensions came out as the number one secondary employment condition, for employers as well as employees. So it doesn’t matter if you already have employees or not, start now with setting up a pension schema.

And what about the costs?

The common belief is that pensions are very expensive. And yes, that belief is true for traditional pension schemes. But not at Brand New Day. They are the pension provider for small and medium enterprises. Brand New Day have flexible pension schemes which will grow when the company grows. If you choose for such a flexible pension scheme, then it won’t cost as much as a lot of people think. And one more benefit of pension schemes? They are tax free, so the premium will go straight out of the gross salary. That’s quite nice for employees, but are there also tax benefits for employers? Of course! The Dutch government wants to encourage pension schemes and therefore employers don’t have to pay social security contributions over pension premiums. It can save you a lot of money, such a pension scheme. Want to know more about pensions for employees? Download the brochure. If you download it now you will reserve a 30% cost reduction, special for the StartDock community.


DGA, Freelancer or ZZP’er?

At least as important as the pension of the employees is your pension as employer. You can open a blocked investment account at Brand New Day to build a pension capital for yourself. This kind of pension build up is also encouraged by the government, resulting in tax benefits. Want to know more? Fill in your data below and we will send you more information.


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