We work closely together with different experts that can make life a bit easier for you as an entrepreneur. We choose our partners in a way so we can construct an entire eco-system with essentials for your company.


SubsidyCloud is our subsidy-specialist. They give you advice and send out requests surrounding these themes: Innovation, Sustainability, International Entrepreneurship and Personnel.

As a tenant at StartDock, you will receive a free first meeting with one of the specialists at MK to find out if you can apply for a subsidy.

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Havelaar & van Stolk

It can be a hassle to say the least, finding out which insurances apply to you and your company. There is an infinite amount, I think, I don’t know. Havelaar & Stolk, however, know exactly how many different insurances that are available and they know exactly which ones suits your need given your circumstances. As a tenant, you can schedule a insurance-scan (regular price €150,-), and get an additional discount of 11% on those insurances. This gives you the freedom to work safely on your business.

Brand New Day

‘I will do that some other time, that is still so far away.’ Your pension is not something you think of when you just start as an entrepreneur. It might feel a bit like being eager for the scene after the credits during the first act watching a Marvel movie. But you probably haven’t heard about return on return? Brand New Day has, and can tell you all about it. On top of that, you will receive a discount on all their offerings.


Your daily news from entrepreneur city. Find it on their website or in your mailbox via their newsletter. From global news to the local Good Samaritan. They also have their own line of books that explain the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, lightly written, clear and concise, with examples from local giants.

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