We work closely together with different experts that can make life a bit easier for you as an entrepreneur. We choose our partners in a way so we can construct an entire eco-system with essentials for your company.


All your marketing & sales together in one platform. HubSpot is an inbound marketing & sales platform that helps businesses grow. Inbound marketing is based on building meaningful relationships with your potential customers by sharing valuable content and experiences. By using the HubSpot platform, you will achieve your goals.As a tenant with StartDock, you get a 30% discount in the first year and 15% in the second year.

Robin Booked

Losing a lot of time or money on your bookkeeping? Stress from VAT returns? Don't make it too hard on yourself! StartDock has found a reliable partner for your bookkeeping in Robin Booked: an ally for freelancers who want to focus on their passions, without the administrative hassle. The experienced team behind this accounting firm understands the world of freelancers like no other and offers a complete and affordable accounting service for a fixed monthly fee.

Dockers receive an exclusive 10% discount the first year. So schedule a no-obligation consultation here soon or visit the website ( for more information.


TrainMore is your urban fitness playground with 21+ locations in Amsterdam & 3+ locations in Rotterdam. It's not just about MORE energy, MORE workouts and MORE beats - we also motivate you to train more by rewarding you with €1 discount for every workout! JOIN NOW and get an extra discount as a Docker on top of the standard discount of €1 per workout.


Your daily news from entrepreneur city. Find it on their website or in your mailbox via their newsletter. From global news to the local Good Samaritan. They also have their own line of books that explain the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, lightly written, clear and concise, with examples from local giants.

Havelaar & van Stolk

It is quite a hassle to figure out exactly which insurance policies apply to you. Feelingly, there are endless of them. Havelaar & Stolk, on the other hand, know exactly how many there are and also which ones are the wisest for your company to take out.With a free insurance scan (normally €150,- p/u) and an additional 11% discount on packages for you as a tenant at StartDock, you will find out how you can start working with a safe feeling.

De Ondernemer

The Entrepreneur is the platform that promotes successful entrepreneurship. Informative,realistic, with a positive and optimistic attitude. If you are interested in the dynamics of business, innovations and how to successfully improve your own business, 'De Ondernemer' is the platform to follow.

B Corp Partnerships

At StartDock, we are proud to partner with several sustainable and B Corp-certified companies. We are committed to making the world a better place by working with these inspiring partners. Discover our sustainable and B Corp-certified partners and read more about their mission by clicking on their logos.

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