Unique meeting rooms.

The capacity of our meeting rooms varies from two to 46 people. Please contact us via events@startdock.nl to learn more about the possibilities.

Our meeting rooms have the ability to leave you in awe.

In the run-up to StartDock, we interviewed a bunch of various entrepreneurs, freelancers and scale-ups. We wanted to know what they believe is the ideal coworking space. Across the board, they told us two pivotal aspects: the location and the feeling the building gives you. What does the office look like? Does it look like great things will be accomplished here? Your physical surrounding influences how you feel during the day. If this surrounding is inspiring, it will spark your drive. This made us decide to exclusively use monumental buildings for StartDock. All our meeting rooms are aligned with this in mind. Some still have the original classical feel, others have a modern feel to them, but they all will give you a sense of awe when you walk in.

Karin Ribberink

Event Manager

Available meeting rooms

We can match your style of business to our style of workplace.

Marco Polo

Herengracht 420, Amsterdam

Per hour:€50,-

Per daypart:€180,-

Capacity meeting:12 people

Capacity lecture:40 people

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With a view over the canal and a chandelier above your head, this is the Herengracht’s showpiece.


Westplein 12, Rotterdam

Per hour:€30,-

Per daypart:€110,-

Capacity meeting:6 people

Capacity lecture:6 people

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The economical option for small-scale meetings in a beautiful location.


Vergaderruimte Hofplein


Westplein 12, Rotterdam

Per hour:€45,-

Per daypart:€170,-

Capacity meeting:20 people

Capacity lecture:46 people

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The perfect spot for a presentation or meeting with a large group.

Vergaderruimte Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Keizersgracht 482, Amsterdam

Per hour:€70,-

Per daypart:€250,-

Capacity meeting:16 people

Capacity lecture:40 people

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This is the golden room, the flagship of the Keizersgracht. Guaranteed to provoke glances and sounds of admiration. 

`Vergaderruimte Blaak


Westplein 12, Rotterdam

Per hour:€40,-

Per daypart:€150,-

Capacity meeting:14 people

Capacity lecture:30 people

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A light and open space with a view of the docks. Blaak is equipped with a built-in kitchen / bar that can be used during your event.

Vergaderruimte Willem Barentsz

Willem Barentsz

Keizersgracht 428, Amsterdam

Per hour:n/a

Per dagdeel:€300,-

Capaciteit meeting:15 mensen

Capacity lecture:n/a

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From the top floor of our building you have a panoramic view over the roofs of Amsterdam.  It is also equipped with transverse beams and a highceiling.


Use what you need.

Event Host (€20 p/h)

Op en afbouw van de ruimte

Alles regelen wat je nodig hebt

Verwelkomen van de gasten

Serveren van drank en snacks


Koffie, thee en koekjes

Lunch / drankjes


Prijs op aanvraag


Beamer / tv



Daypart €5,-       Day €10,-