Westplein 12, Rotterdam.

Our monumental building with its private parking area is located in the Scheepvaartkwartier, at the docks (Veerhaven). In this area, we like that we are the odd one out in this neighborhood, since the natural population are well-off companies or individuals. This majestic, quaint and inspiring location is within walking distance of cafes, a supermarket and public transportation. Inside we have a tight community of companies, which are widely specialized and help each other grow to unprecedented heights.

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Our workplace at Westplein

Westplein 12 is a beautiful location. This is not just our opinion; the Dutch state agrees with us. As a matter of fact, Westplein 12 is a National Monument, which is defined as ‘a building of general importance because of its beauty’.

The Scheepsvaartkwartier is one of the few areas in Rotterdam that wasn’t bombed in the Second World War. Because of that, it still has an impressive historical Dutch appearance. The entire avenue is filled up with imposing villa’s that give you the vibe that you’re up to something really important. During the war, the German dock commander took residence at Westplein 12 and in the years afterward it was used by the Dutch Marine Corps among others.

Today, the Westplein square is a lively neighborhood with several bars and cafes. It is close to public transportation and we even have our own parking area.


Pascalle Huisman

Community Manager


Westplein 12-14
3016BM, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

  • Routebeschrijving
  • +31 (0)10 307 6366
  • info@startdock.nl

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