Herengracht 420, Amsterdam

Our coworking space on the Herengracht is just steps away from Koningsplein, right up to the Leidsestraat. The city lives and breathes here. However, inside our walls, there is a tranquility that oozes hard work by the almost one hundred entrepreneurs that found their home in this location.

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Our workplace at the Herengracht.

The large heavy safe in the basement betrays the identity of the original occupants of this building. Where once lay piles of banknotes, diamonds and invaluable relics of ABN-AMRO customers, there is now a Chesterfield sofa and a soccer table. We found a slightly different use for our spaces than originally intended. We kept the perky look and feel of the building, including a chandelier; we replaced the stuffy original population with colorful vibrant entrepreneurs.

The Herengracht is mostly home to budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and small startups. Togetherness is high and the living room is always full during communal lunch. A lot of knowledge is shared, either informally or through the internal events. Everyone is willing to give, so when it’s time to take a break, a knowledgeable entrepreneur is always there for you.


Anouk Duba

Community Manager


Herengracht 420
1017 BZ, Amsterdam

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