Our impact.

The impact we make as a company on people and planet.


The consensus in science is becoming clearer every year: our earth is warming up. Sea levels are rising, the amount of extreme weather is increasing and food security in parts of the world is declining. Moreover, we hear more and more about the need for our Dockers to do something about this. We realize that as a company we have not been sufficiently active enough to make our social contribution to this, and that has to change.

Our goals.

Provide an overview of the CO2 footprint per individual Docker.

Reduce our CO2 footprint and offer CO2-neutral offices and meeting rooms.

Provide activities to reduce and compensate for Dockers’ CO2 footprint.

Certifying ourselves as a B Corp. In addition, we want to make it easier for Dockers to become a B Corp.

Our approach.


Together with our Dockers from Move to Impact we are working towards a  B Corp certification and activating a positive impact.

Focus group

We have started a focus group with various impact stakeholders. With their expertise and support, we will achieve our goals.


As a Docker, you will experience our certification process up close. We take you along in our journey. We would also like to hear your enthusiastic ideas. From May 2022 it will be possible for you to bring in ideas and put actions into action. This will take place through action groups on various impact topics. Do you want to think along with us? Send us an email!

Measuring, reducing & compensating CO2

In collaboration with Move to Impact, we will first explore what our current CO2 emissions are on the Prins Hendrikkade (after that we will expand to our other locations). We will make this CO2 footprint clear for the entire location and per Docker at this location. Then we will set goals to reduce this footprint. We also work together with Dockers to set out actions to reduce our CO2 emissions together. In between achieving these goals, we find it important to compensate our CO2 emissions. We are looking for the best way to compensate for these emissions. We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas about this.

Our journey.

End of 2021

  • We realized that impact was a theme that should belong to StartDock. That’s why we chose to add impact to our vision and strategy.

    We have involved our Dockers from Move to Impact in our journey to Impact. Together we have taken the first steps.

    We have created a website page about our Impact journey.

January 2022

  • We have carried out a general sustainability assessment to see where we are now. We did this through interviews with colleagues and stakeholders about the social, ecological and financial aspects of StartDock.

    Together with the community we kicked off our journey with a kick-off event on January 20th.

February/March 2022

  • We start with the B Corp process. This means completing the assessment, understanding where our challenges and opportunities lie and creating an action list to certify as a B Corp.

March 9 2022

  • Together with Move to Impact we have organized an information session about how you and your company can also become a certified B Corp.

April 2022

  • We now have a first overview of the CO2 emissions of StartDock and of every Docker on StartDock Prins Hendrikkade.

May 2022

  • We are working on our action list that will make us a B Corp and create an overview of our CO2 footprint. For this we look at the activities and data that are still needed to achieve this.

End of may 2022

  • Our CO2 footprint dashboard is ready for use. Now we know exactly the individual CO2 emissions per Docker at StartDock Prins Hendrikkade and our total emissions at StartDock Prins Hendrikkade.

June 2022

  • The first activities with our community take place to reduce our CO2 footprint together.

July 2022

  • Our goal of CO2-neutral offices and meeting rooms has been achieved!

  • We are taking new steps to set goals and reduce our CO2 emissions.

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