CEO-talk SubsidyCloud

On Wednesday 7th of July at 4PM, StartDock will be hosting a CEO-talk with Bastiaan Kleiberg from SubsidyCloud!

Who: Bastiaan Kleiberg from SubsidyCloud. Subsidycloud is also one of the partners of StartDock and are specialized in advising on all kind of (government) subsidies.
What: In the upcoming session Bastiaan Kleiberg of SubisdyCloud will tell you all about what his company can do for your company and how it is to be a CEO.
Why you should join: The Netherlands has over 1500 subsidies that could be relevant for your business, join the session and find out which is relevant for you!
When: 7 July 2021, 16:00
Where: Online, via Zoom




7 Jul. – 7 Jul.

16:00 – 17:00



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