Co-working & Community

Growth is the ultimate goal.

Our vision

StartDock creates a global network of local communities, in which entrepreneurial members have the urge to help each other. The combination of complementary companies on each location, forms self-driving teams of young and ambitious entrepreneurs who are connected worldwide. StartDock facilitates the optimal working environment per location, to bridge the hardest period of business: the start-up phase.

Our mission

StartDock embodies worklife 2.0: A healthy work-life balance with an awesome ‘work’-part. We build co-creating communities on the common fundaments of joint growth, friendship, complementarity and entrepreneurship. We achieve this by facilitating the perfect working environment for startups, freelancers and independent professionals.

Our history

Growth is the ultimate goal.

People often ask “How did you guys come up with the idea of a coworking space in the city centre of Amsterdam?” See our brief coworking history, in a short timeline:

StartDock opens location #3 in Rotterdam: Location
StartDock Westplein. 1400m2 of coworking on a monumental classical
location, in the beautiful area called ‘Scheepsvaartkwartier’ in Rotterdam.

StartDock opens location #2 in Amsterdam: Location
StartDock Keizersgracht. Another 900m2 of coworking on a
monumental-classical location, in the heart of the city center of

StartDock expands location #1 into Herengracht 418.
Another 300m2 of coworking in the building next to Herengracht 420,
luckily both buildings are connected!

The first 300m2 totally filled up; growth of StartDock with 300m2 more on Herengracht 420! Our coworking concept now occupied an entire building, instead of just 50% of the building.

The opening of the first 300m2 of StartDock coworking Amsterdam, on Herengracht 420. The goal: Filling these 300m2 before june 2016, to be able to soon rent the other 300m2 of this building.

Young students and entrepreneurs Johan Assink, Carsten van Eken, Stephan van Eken, Thom Wernke and Jan Hein de Wilde knew eachother from Faculty Association EOS, a study association of the Faculty of Social Sciences on the VU University in Amsterdam. The 5 young students stood in a studentbar, discussing: “Alright, we do have our own businesses, but we have no proper office. How great would this idea be: A building, on a central location in the very heart of our beautiful city Amsterdam, totally full of start-ups like ours, sharing resources, network and entrepreneurial ideas?”