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When you rent a workspace or office space, normally this will only cost you money. StartDock thrives to make renting an office space profitable for starting entrepreneurs, by bringing the services of the tenants together with the demand in the market.

SME+ / Corporate

As you have grown your way up in a sustainable & profitable company, you have tons of jobs you don’t want to pick up anymore. On the other hand, there are the hardworking and innovative start-ups inside StartDock, that would do anything to be able to work together with yóur company! We bring both worlds together, which is beneficial for both parties.


As you are growing your company, you have to invest time in your website, sales, finance, hiring of new employees, marketing, brand awareness and só many more things, that you can’t perfectly focus an all aspects. What if you just rent an office in StartDock, and StartDock helps you with your sales?

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Herengracht 420
1017BZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone:+31 20 210 1280
Email: info@startdock.nl

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