Our core values.

Together we build a community.

This is what we believe in and stand for. We carry out our core values at StartDock.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Job satisfaction



We know how to take action.

StartDock is a company that values co-working with an entrepreneurial vision. This can be seen every day in the way we interact with each other and our Dockers. Our team is proactive and promotes improvements and new opportunities. Do you have a great idea? Make it a reality. Within StartDock, everyone gets the space needed to develop their own initiatives. In doing so we develop StartDock into a strong enterprise and we offer our community and our Dockers everything needed to grow.

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Pull it off together.

Growing together and reaching your goals every day is something we strive to do with a smile. This starts with an inspiring workplace and a challenging job, but also with a team that helps you push your limits every day. We make sure of a pleasant atmosphere on the work floor, a lot of laughter is allowed. We organize community and company events to increase the job satisfaction of both our team and our Dockers. Working together and having fun at the same time, at StartDock we make it possible.

One for all and all for one.

StartDock has a very ambitious team that loves to dream big. Every day we take the next step towards growth, because when the company grows, so do the team and our Dockers. We are involved in, and support each other because we know that we are stronger together; One for all and all for one. As a team, we ensure you can continue to develop yourself, both at a personal as well as a professional level, because whatever you give attention to will grow.

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Make the difference.

At StartDock we break through the traditional mold of a workplace. Even within the industry, StartDock is a bit different compared to other co-working spaces. We are different by making our community the key part of our identity and we ensure that within the walls of StartDock something magical can happen. We create impact, by looking forwards, having faith in what we do.

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