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Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs? Do you also want to be surrounded by entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and expertise? Would you like to grow with your company? At StartDock, you're not alone. Every day we build a unique mix of like-minded entrepreneurs who reinforce each other during the challenging entrepreneurial journey. Want to know more? Please contact us.

This is who we are and what we care about. Our brand promises are intertwined in StartDock.


At StartDock, we believe it takes a community to grow a business. We create coworking spaces where entrepreneurs strengthen each other by sharing knowledge, skills and their network.

The right workplace

A pleasant workplace in a vibrant working environment. That’s what we offer the StartDock community. Our coworking spaces have been carefully selected by location and identity.


As a coworking space, we offer our community new opportunities and help in executing ideas. We are always looking for a healthy mix of entrepreneurs in our coworking spaces.

A relevant contact every month.

StartDock is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs, where we help them start up and grow. We literally offer entrepreneurs the space to take the next step. In this way, we contribute to a new generation of successful companies, directly from our communities. That is why we are always ready to answer entrepreneurial questions and if the need arises, we share a relevant connection with you within our network at least once a month.

Dedicated Desk Small

A workplace and community that suits you, or your money back.

As a tenant at StartDock, there is always a workplace available for you. And StartDock will do everything in its power to create a workplace that suits you. If this is not the case, and dissatisfaction arises within the trial period, we will offer you a refund. You will also always find fresh coffee and tea and cold drinks after four. This way we ensure that you have enough energy to start and end the day. Is there something that you're missing? The Community Manager will then provide a suitable solution!

Your expertise is visible within our coworking space.

We are proud of our Dockers and the knowledge they contribute to the StartDock community. We therefore ensure that the expertise of our full-time tenants is clearly visible within the building and our communities. This way, other Dockers can easily come to your company for information or a collaboration, and you can also contact your fellow entrepreneurs!

Dedicated Desk

Your issues, with the right entrepreneurs.

At StartDock we actively work on attracting the right expertise within our community. Do you miss a type of expertise at your StartDock location? Then we promise to actively look for an entrepreneur who can help you further.

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