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StartDock is like a second home; a warm group of like-minded people, who do not compete with each other, but rather help you a step further in the most difficult period as an entrepreneur: the start-up phase. Our start-up hub in the heart of Rotterdam consists of a group of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. From growth hackers to website builders, from social media experts to SEO boys, and from a legal specialist to an accountant; StartDock houses a wide variety of starting and established entrepreneurs who all have one thing in common: a passion for their profession. Are you looking for a warm start-up community of young entrepreneurs? Join us!

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Lois Dickhoff

Community Manager



Westplein 12-14
3016BM, Rotterdam
The Netherlands



010 307 6366


There is no competition within StartDock. There is only one of every niche. The StartDock community works together by sharing knowledge, expertise and network.

We love to work together

Strong together.

Just a place for work is not enough. It is nice that there is a location where you can run your business, but a lone wolf that slaughters a dragon is just a fairy tale. One of our spearheads is to realize and facilitate fruitful collaborations between Dockers.

We love to have lunch together

Strong together.

Getting to know each other really is important to us. We firmly believe that this is the basis of blissful work days. We, therefore, take a firm hour every day to discuss everything on our minds for lunch. During the joint lunch you can just ask the accountant or marketer that pressing question that boggles you, or just empty your head in the middle of the day. It is not mandatory to join, but being present is absolutely appreciated.


We believe that friendship is extremely important to become a real community. “You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone!”

We love a party together

Strong together.

What is coworking without informal drinks? StartDock offers a good balance between three elements: cosiness, closeness and hard work. We combine this on our StartDock boat, at our quarterly theme parties, and conclude every working week with Friday drinks. Live your dream with like-minded start-up founders and learn to enjoy working days, as you are used to enjoying holidays.


We strive to be the warmest start-up community in Rotterdam and believe that openness and accessibility are the most important values for achieving this.

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Get to know each other.

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