Collab Now.

We are young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam and Rotterdam and last month, for a lot of us, our world changed.

The upcoming months are nothing like we ever experienced before. Strange is the new normal. Things we took for granted are no longer possible for now. And for a lot of us, all fundamentals which gave us support are disconnected.

In every economic downfall, freelancers and entrepreneurs get hit first. We never complain about that, because most of us know what we signed up for. When shit hits the fan, we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps

Except now, a lot of us lost their bootstraps. There is an abundance of stories about freelancers and entrepreneurs that lost tens of thousands of euros of income over the course of a week. Their income for the next quarter or the next two quarters just evaporated and otherwise healthy entrepreneurs now apply for welfare. This happened entirely outside the scope of their control

If someone told us a similar story six months ago, we would’ve been baffled and shocked in disbelief. But we don’t anymore because we hear this story over and over again and therefore we shrug. This is what scares us. It’s the new normal now.

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t try and do something about it. We are a community of almost four hundred young entrepreneurs and small companies. Our community has vigour. Currently, we are knitting our bootstraps to pull ourselves back up. This is an easy access platform so the outside world can see what we have to offer in the blink of an eye. Our skills didn’t leave us, just our assignments. We sell coupons for our services, with a discount, to use at any time in the future. It is the support-your-locals-movement for entrepreneurs.