Westplein 12, Rotterdam

Per hour:€40,-

Per daypart:€140,-

Capacity meeting:6 people

Capacity lecture:n/a 

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A small meeting room, perfect for a small meeting.

6. Memberships


From €50,- / month

- Access to our Community Portal, Whatsapp & Slack
- Access to (network) events & drinks
- Discount with our partners
- 50% discount on a day pass
- 30% discount on a meeting room
- 2x working on a flex desk
- Including coffee & tea

When you want to be part of our community and enjoy the benefits of a coworking space.

3. Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

€195,- / month

- Everything from flexible


- Personal workplace in open space
- 24/7 access
- 2 hour-usage of meeting rooms

For full access and more consistency, you have your own place among other entrepreneurs with a fixed desk.

5. Offices


From €750,- / month

- Everything from Shared Office Desk


- Personal office
- 8 hour-usage of meeting rooms

For if you, as a small company, want to nestle in the middle of the vibrant world of freelancers and fellow entrepreneurs.

4. Shared Office Desk

Shared Office Desk

€295,- / month

- Everything from dedicated


- Own workplace in a shared, lockable office
- Desk size: 150x75cm
- Manually adjustable desk (height)
- Mailbox & company registration
- Printing and scanning up to €10,- a month included
- 4 hour-usage of meeting rooms

The more luxurious version of dedicated small. With your permanent place in a familiar environment, this is the solidarity of a company, with the freedom as an entrepreneur.

2. Flexible Desk

Flexible Desk

From €125,- / month

- Everything from membership


- Shared workplace in open space
- Access on workdays between 9:00 - 17:00
- Desk size: 110x75cm
- 50% discount for meeting rooms

Flexible access for a flexible price. For when you are not present or need to be present every day, but want to enjoy all the benefits.



Westplein 12, Rotterdam

Per hour:€45,-

Per daypart:€160,-

Capacity meeting:10 people

Capacity lecture:20 people

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A light and open space with a view of the docks. Blaak is equipped with a built-in kitchen / bar that can be used during your event.

Oude Haven

Oude Haven

Westplein 12, Rotterdam

Per hour:€65,-

Per daypart:€240,-

Capacity meeting:16 people

Capacity lecture:45

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The perfect room for a meeting with a large group at a beautiful location.