The five best morning routines for a successful day

From running before the day starts, to getting up with a glass of water or just lying in your bed for an extra five minutes after the alarm has gone off. Everyone has their regular morning routines. Which morning routines turn out to be the most 'successful' to start your day with? In this blog, we'll cover the morning routines used by many entrepreneurs to get the day off to a good start.

Start your day well

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Mindset is very important in creating a 'top day'. The moment you wake up in a bad mood, chances are your day is going to be less successful than you would have liked. Studies that have been done on this topic support this line of thought. In particular, your productivity and that of your colleagues can drop considerably when you get out of bed with your wrong leg. Fortunately, there are plenty of morning routines that can help you have a productive day.

1. You snooze, you lose…

How tempting it is to stay in bed for a while on a Monday morning. There are probably few people who have never experienced this. Nevertheless, snoozing does have negative effects on the rest of your day. The chance that you stay just too long so that you have to rush to work (and then continue to hold this feeling all day) is great. There is also a chance that by snoozing you will feel a bit 'sleepy' throughout the day. This has to do with the fact that by snoozing you get yourself out of a deep sleep every time, which causes fatigue and the experience of stress to lurk throughout the day.

What you can do is use the time you normally use to snooze productively. Quietly making your breakfast, meditating, or even going for a run are more productive options to apply to your morning routines. You'll be surprised what you can do in the morning when you're no longer snoozing.

2. Learn to hydrate

One of the first things that is recommended to do after you get out of bed is to drink a large glass of water (+- 500 milliliters). The reason is that when you've slept, particularly, your brain (which is made 75% of water) needs fluid to get going. This morning routine will therefore ensure that you stand up 'sharper'. One step further in this morning routine would be drinking lemon water in the morning. Why? You can read that in this blog of A Healthy Life.

Can I no longer drink coffee in the morning? Certainly! Just make sure that it is only consumed after you have drunk your glass of (lemon) water.

3. Turn your body 'on' by moving in the morning

Whether you're walking to work, doing 200 push-ups, or getting on your bike, making any kind of exercise part of your morning routine can increase your chances of a successful day.

Exercise in the morning can cause endorphins (also called the happiness hormone) to be released and you start your productive day feeling good. If you feel that going to the gym at seven in the morning is just a bridge too far. Then know that this effect is also noticeable during a short walk or when you cycle to work.

4. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

You've probably heard it many times before, but we'll tell you one more time. Take the time to make a healthy, balanced breakfast to get your day off to a good start. A good breakfast provides you with the necessary energy and nutrients that help your body to work productively and concentrated. Also, the morning routine of making breakfast can cause you to take other habits out of your morning routines (such as checking your work email).

Looking for a tasty and nutritious breakfast?:

So whether you just have time for some fruit and yogurt, or you go "all-in" and make carrot pancakes with fruit, your body will thank you and you'll set yourself up for a good day!

5. Your phone is not part of your morning routine

Where the biggest point for improvement for many people is picking up the phone right away as part of your morning routine. With this, you not only 'waste' valuable time, but it also gives you less time to apply the above morning routines. Also, picking up the phone can cause you to experience a stressful start to your day. Negative messages on social media, emails that point out your responsibilities for the day and/or your to-do list. The chance that you will encounter this when you pick up your phone 'early' is quite large.

How can you prevent this? By investing in a separate alarm clock instead of setting an alarm clock on your phone so that you do not immediately have your phone in your hands. Although unlearning this can be experienced as difficult, this can be a good way to start your day well!

What are the components of your morning routine?

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