On the first of January 2016, our company was founded on a beautiful location on Herengracht 420. We started with 600m2 full of happy Dockers, fast growing businesses and lovely events. It began with our three young founders, who wanted to have the most awesome office space one could imagine. While not being able to find this space in the outside world, they decided to create StartDock Coworking.

Fastforward two years later. The plan is to grow fast in 2018 and roll out the wonderful concept of StartDock Coworking. For growing fast, StartDock needs more space, to create more happy Dockers and fast growing businesses. So.. Drumroll!

From the 1st of June 2018 and onwards, StartDock will grow from one address to two addresses on the royal Herengracht! StartDock will have 200m2 more on Herengracht 418, and therefore more enthusiastic people to add to the StartDock community! Now that’s news, ain’t it?!

There will be 40 more workspots on Herengracht 418, divided over two rooms, with an extra separate kitchen. This only is the first baby-growthstep StartDock makes in 2018, but this is definitely not the final destination. Watch our website and your mailbox, more news to be announced soon!

For ‘The new StartDock Amsterdam’, we are looking for a Community Manager. Are you interested, or do you know the right person for this fulltime job? Contact us!