From freelancer to successful entrepreneur in 6 steps

Starting a business has never been easier: with a good laptop and a website, you are often only a visit to the Chamber of Commerce away from your very own company.

The life of a young entrepreneur is often envied by peers. You can work from home or a coffee shop around the corner, and if you don't want to set an alarm clock once, you can do just that. But the most important reason to start your own business is perhaps that you will never again have to work for a boss.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurship brings with it a lot of uncertainty. You are one hundred percent responsible for your own success (and income), so you are constantly under pressure to perform. After all, customers don’t come knocking on their own.

Or do they? Professionalising your business may be easier than you think. With these 6 steps you can transform your business into a truly successful company.

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