About StartDock.

We believe it takes a community to grow a company!

Our why.

We believe it takes a community to grow a company!

How do we build communities?
By bringing together a like-minded, unique mix of entrepreneurs who reinforce each other during the challenging entrepreneurial journey of building a successful business.

Our team.

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StartDock creates a global network of local communities, where enterprising members feel the urge to help each other.

Anouschka de Waal

Management and Event Assistant

Románo Damen

Junior Account Manager

Brandon Teegelaar


Laura Linschoten

Community Manager

Pascalle Huisman

Community Manager

Yanna van der Bijl

Community Manager

Lois Dickhoff

Head of Community

Karin Ribberink

Sales Manager

Wiegertje Groenveld

Partnership Manager

Stephan van Eken

Co-founder & CCO

Johan Assink

Co-founder & CFO

Thom Wernke

Co-founder & CEO

Our history.







Young students and entrepreneurs Johan Assink, Carsten van Eken, Stephan van Eken, Thom Wernke and Jan Hein de Wilde knew eachother from Faculty Association EOS, a study association of the Faculty of Social Sciences on the VU University in Amsterdam. The 5 young students stood in a studentbar, discussing: “Alright, we do have our own businesses, but we have no proper office. How great would this idea be: A building, on a central location in the very heart of our beautiful city Amsterdam, totally full of start-ups like ours, sharing resources, network and entrepreneurial ideas?”

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