The Netherlands is known as Europe’s west coast for awesome start-ups. StartDock is located at Herengracht 420, in the heart of the capital Amsterdam. The workplace is unique and extremely suitable for young start-ups. The luxurious look of a canalhouse at the Herengracht is combined with the energetic spirit of young online entrepreneurs.

The city centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North, due to the beautiful canals. The Herengracht canal is one of the most prestigious canals and is easy to reach by tram, bike & bus. StartDock is right next to the lively and busy Leidseplein square, where our pioneers enjoy their drinks and food. Any shop you might like, can be found at the second most famous shopping street of Amsterdam: the Leidsestraat. This street is directly next to StartDock and contains lovely bakers, modern fashion and a supermarket across the street. When you want to find the most famous shopping street of Amsterdam, the Kalverstraat is 4 minutes by foot. Other hotspots near StartDock are the Spui (6 min), the Rembrandt square (8 min) & the Dam (12 min).

Meet-up space Marco Polo

Explorer Marco Polo is mainly known for his journey through Asia. Striving to explore, he lived his passion. The meet-up space on the first floor of StartDock is named after Marco Polo, because we want our pioneers to live their passion too. Events are held in this beautiful space, which is by far the most luxurious and majestic space in StartDock. The Marco Polo space is a meeting room and an event location and the prices are respectively €35 an hour to meet up and €99 to organise an event. Thirsty on a friday afternoon? You are welcome on any friday to share a drink with us from 18:00 till 21:00 in this beautiful room.


StartDock has a flexspace that contains six workplaces. The flexspace is at the second floor of the building and named after explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Private rooms

Dockers can have a private workplace at StartDock, for the best appearance to customers and staff. StartDock has eleven private rooms, of different sizes & prices.

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