Welcome to the office to be for game-changers and innovative start-ups. StartDock is a new canal dock in Amsterdam for visionary pioneers, located on the most important canal in town: Herengracht. StartDock is also a thriving community of like-minded explorers, making waves in the New Golden Age!

At StartDock, worklife is better. We want start-ups to naturally grow fast, by sharing and caring. StartDock houses enthousiastic entrepreneurs, willing to share their thoughts, resources and network. By sharing interest in your neighbours, you might be able to help them with their problems. By sharing your problems, your neighbours might be able to help you. You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone.

StartDock is a flourishing community of high-impact entrepreneurs who grow and innovate together, by creating synergies and cohesion for a successful future. We are built on three pillars: Passion, sharing & serving. Do you want to grow your start-up in the best environment possible, on the best location in town? Join us, you are welcome!



Most prestigious address in the heart of the city.

Plug and Play

We take care of the coffee and the desks, so you can start working next day. We’re easy to join, hard to leave.

Open 24/7

With receiving your own key you can enter and leave StartDock whenever you wish.


A fast-growing, thriving ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs, experts, investors, mentors and other professionals.


One of the best looking and located conference rooms in town, with inspiring events.


Highly-competitive pricing policy, which suits every budget.


Want to become a partner?

Are you willing to cooperate with the best start-ups in town? All options are open, while we love to work together with large companies, NGO’s, other start-ups and investors. Just say ‘hi’ and ask us your question via We are looking forward to any question, and will always reply!